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For handling, processing, packaging, & inspection

A full-service sales, engineering, and integration group with 40+ years’ experience across hundreds of applications and industries.

Food, pharma, nutra, chemical, aggregate

Individual components to complete, integrated systems, ABM Equipment scales processes from concept to completion. From product testing to maintenance 10 years down the road, we are a single point of responsibility with in-house engineering, fabrication, & service.

Equipment Sales


  • Manufacturer Model Selection
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support & Resources


  • Vessels, Transitions, & Structures
  • OEM Alterations

Process Engineering

  • Block Flow
  • P&ID
  • Functional Description
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Process Control
  • Site Plans/Final Drawings

    Product Testing

    • On-Site/In-House
    • Raw Materials Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Process Control
    • Compliance Verification
    • Product Development

    Mechanical Engineering


    • New models for OEMs
    • Vessels
    • Structures
    • Transitions
    • Custom Pieces As Required


    • Vessels
    • Transitions
    • Structures
    • Retrofits and upgrades



    • Vessels
    • Structures
    • Retrofits and upgrades


    • Functional Optimization
    • Inlet/Outlet Configuration


    • Equipment Installs & Configuration
    • Transitions
    • Walkways & Industrial Structures

    General Contracting


    • Review
    • Consultation
    • Compliance & Workarounds


    • Subcontractor Selection
    • Subcontractor Management
      • Supervision
      • Inspection
    • Site Management
      • Scheduling
      • Resource Tracking
      • Cleanup
      • Safety
      • Demolition



      • Functional Testing
      • Integration Testing
      • Calibration


      • System Flow
      • Operation
      • Documentation & SOPs
      • Maintenance

      Maintenance & Repair

      • Service Contracts
      • 24/7 Phone Support


      Our flagship suite, DSO Sentinel, reports on your entire processing line (with the ability to control it) and automates many steps of the buyer audit process. DSO Sentinel fulfills Costco requirements for product traceability, machine validation records, and others.

      • Automated reports
      • Remote alerts (SMS and email)
      • Settings change tracking
      • Rework-assist functions
      • X-ray image recall
      • System control (custom configuration)
      • Product tracing
      • Much more

      Handling Equipment

      Conveyors, Feeders, and Product Intake & Storage

      Homogeneous slurry or caking blend, every product has a way it likes to be moved and stored. Whether your best solution exists out-of-the-box or in a unique blend of equipment built from scratch, we’ll deliver a system that optimizes your project’s ROI.

      Processing Equipment

      Blenders & Mixers, Mills, Classifiers, Feeders, etc.

      Our oldest area of expertise, the processing umbrella includes equipment needed to mix, separate, and alter products: milling, blending/mixing, particle size reduction, filtration, sifting, dust collection, process controls, and volumetric and gravimetric weighers and feeders.

      Inspection Equipment

      X-Ray Machines, Checkweighers, and Metal Detectors

      Product inspection receives the bulk of our R&D budget. We source, modify, and integrate metal detectors, checkweighers, samplers, magnetic systems, moisture analyzers, lipid analyzers, PH monitors, and x-ray machines. We have over 30 x-ray machines in stock for rentals, demonstrations, and training.

      Packaging Equipment

      Palletizers, Placers, and Fillers for Bags, Pouches, Drums, Boxes, & Totes.

      We package various classes of product and can integrate nearly any system. We most commonly deal in bulk weighing automations; open-mouth and pouch bagging equipment, line accessories, and shaping, filling, and sealing.

      Scale Sales & Service

      A-1 Scales

      Lab scales to heavy industrial, sales to installation & repair

      ABM Equipment’s weighing division, A-1 Scale, is the Portland Metro area’s primary scale and calibration provider for all types of professional scales, from nanograms to tons. A-1 Scale handles our complex weighing applications and ensures accuracy and precision of our weighing and batching systems.

      Scale Sales & Service

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