Rollstock’s RS-400 starts at 17′ and is available in a variety of configurations with up to 4 crosscutting systems and 5 web width size options.


  • Built for semi-rigid application
  • Personalized loading area
  • Web widths available in 285mm, 320mm, 355mm, 420mm, and 459mm
  • Cutoffs up to 400mm are standard, with optional extended cutoffs.
  • 4 crosscutting systems including corner-rounding units
  • Savings on packing costs, no more tray purchases
  • Gas flushing, code dating, labeling systems and more
  • Full programmable PLC with readable diagnostics
  • Accessible USA parts
  • 1 year or 1 million cycle warranty
  • Additional optional hardware at hand every day at alike savings
  • Commissioning by a factory technician

    Rollstock side frames Solid one-piece ¾ inch side frames, available in aluminum or stainless steel (toughest frame in the industry)

    Rollstock die-lifting system Stock 4-inch pneumatic cylinder with reliable, straightforward design.

    In-stock parts – Rollstock keeps all parts in-stock, save for rare times when there’s a run on an item.

    Rollstock service No-charge techinical support on 800# (95% of service calls are resolved in less than 15 minutes over the phone).

    ABM service – 24/7 support is provided for emergencies with technicians often able to dispatch within 24 hours.