Grain Handling Software

Control, reporting, and alert software for grain handling systems in breweries and distilleries

DSO software box rendering

System Control

Manually control equipment or automatically mill and convey according to a recipe.


Get automatic reports on ingredient usage, run-times, and any metric put out by any piece of equipment.


Receive email or text alerts based on super sack/silo levels or abnormal events from equipment.

Infinite Recipes

Though configured out-of-the box for grain handling equipment, DSO can control any system.

Originally developed for food processors whose equipment types vary widely, DSO Sentinel is a powerful and robust tool that has been tailored for brewers.

System Control

DSO Sentinel also allows you to control your equipment manually, either from a dashboard or from a visual representation of your system. Scroll the gallery for screenshots.

Smart Accuracy

Grain handling weighing systems can have a margin of error of 2.5-5% because of grain in the lines. When paired with a scale package, DSO splits each batch into multiple segments. It then tracks how much each run was off, and compensates with the final. This ensures the total variation of the batch cannot exceed the margin of error of a single run.


DSO Sentinel can generate reports on any piece of data put out by any connected equipment in your facility, from silos to tanks and canning lines. Custom reports can be generated on-demand as needed, but few people enjoy defining reports during day-to-day operations. We help set the most useful reports at install to be generated at convenient times. These reports are then sent to your email or phone so you don’t even have to open the software to see them. The Standard version can include anything grain-related: when it was run, from where, the weighments, grist-case dwell-time, equipment run-time, and more. Full packages can include anything else; pressure, temperature, speed, fill-level, acidity, inventory, any data output by equipment.


Alerts can be generated on any data put out from machines. This saves staff from constantly checking equipment and lets management know about any critical issues. Alerts can be set on how long grain has been in the grist case, when ingredients should be ordered, excessive temperatures or pressures, and more.


Any reports or alerts can be sent to any email or phone number, even with the Standard version. This keeps management abreast of developments when they’re away. Full versions allow you to do anything remotely that you could locally — view equipment, manage recipes, customize reports, or control the system.




A Standard package is a pre-configured tablet which will control any grain handling equipment, regardless of who made it. DSO will only be accessible from this tablet, and it will send notifications and reports to any email or number. Pricing is not yet determined but will be posted here soon.


A full version of DSO Sentinel will include installations on any devices or networks needed so that it can be accessed remotely in-full. It can be made to report from, alert from, or control any piece of your equipment or canning equipment. Pricing depends on the number of installs and the degree of integration required with non-grain handling equipment.