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Decanter Centrifuges

Hemp extractors are continuous flow centrifuges that spin at much higher speeds than basket (batch) centrifuges. This allows product to flow through at much higher rates, and because there are higher g-force enacted on the mass, more solvent is removed from biomass than with basket centrifuges. The precisely-calibrated centrifugal force also extracts the highest yield possible without crushing cellular walls—a problem encountered with screw presses. The Hempfuge KG product line is the leading cannabis-specific solution, washing up to 2,750 lbs. of dry biomass per hour, and featuring an infinite turn down ratio. It is made in the USA and is not similar to makes from overseas.

Operational Advantages

Energy recovered from the internal conveyor offsets energy consumption of bowl motor
No screens or filters
Removes solids down to 20 microns
Does not crush cellular walls (extracts fewer waxes and lipids than screw presses)
98–99.5% solids recapture


Auto-run & granular control PLC
CIP (Clean-In-Place)
Tungsten-carbide wear protection on scroll-conveyor
316 stainless contact surfaces
Painted mild steel frame and case
Custom vapor seals retrofitted to casing and feed pipe to assist with vapor tight design
Special scroll-conveyor design modification to help capture “floating” solids
Floaters disk addition to scroll-conveyor
Vibration switch
40 HP main-drive motor, rated Class 1. Div. 1, 1800 RPM, 460-480V/3/60
15 HP back-drive motor, rated Class 1. Div. 1, 1800 RPM, 460-480V/3/60
3rd party peer reviewed by PSI approved for ethanol, heptane, and isopropyl solvents
Rated for use to -60C

System Control Features

Automated drive and control system
PLC-coordinated drives & supervision for granular control, if needed
NEMA 4 freestanding enclosure
Auto-differential software

Optional Stand Features

Painted mild-steel construction
8’ clearance between solids discharge and ground
Collapsible safety rails
Stairwell with safety rails
Built to OSHA standards

Bowl Size

8.25” x 28.75” – 18” x 77”

Capacity 270 dry #’s per hour – 3,275 dry #’s per hour
Contact Parts 304/316 stainless steel with viton seals
Fittings Sanitary tri-clamp
Max. Speed 3,150 – 5,100 RPM
Max. G-Force 2,395 – 3,051
Weight 2,596 – 7,623 lbs.
Dimensions 93” L X 21” W x 30” H – 179” L X 43.25” W x 40” H
Made In USA