Food, pharma, nutra, pet-food, and chemical equipment

Whether your equipment was supplied and customized by ABM Equipment or not, we can integrate and commission your process equipment. Our engineering and fabrication teams design and execute the transitions and support structures needed to turn your equipment into a complete system. More agile than large firms and more robust than traditional distributors, ABM Equiment is trusted by small and global material handlers, processors, and packagers alike.

With strong manufacturer relationships, industry experience, and fabrication capabilities, ABM is more than just an integrator or distributor. We bring efficiency to systems from material handling to packaging by applying best-available technologies and standard practices to your application.

Equipment Selection

Processing is a big space and there are different ways to do everything; different methods, technologies for executing them, and makes/models with their own pros and cons. And because each processor has different needs and OEMs can’t standardize a spec. list, it’s difficult to compare the options available. Having a professional who knows the industry and applications like yours will save immense resources—not just in the search, but in headaches and the cost of errors. Considerations of price, performance, maintenance, safety, and environment suitability are a lot to balance for the processor but intuitive to industry natives.

Equipment Modification & Configuration

Because customers need prices as low as possible, OEMs must build machines in set ways to achieve economy of scale. But because each customer’s process is a little different, few people can use one-size-fits-all solutions. Processors often find themselves between equipment options, favoring the tool-less breakdown features of one model, but the wash-down rating of another, for example. Whether it’s optimizing pre-existing equipment or redesigning an existing model for an OEM to construct, ABM ensures system performance.

Custom Solutions

In an innovation-driven market, unique products often encounter problems that are entirely new, or which have solutions stuck behind NDAs. In many cases the ABM team can develop new methods or purpose-built solutions from their deep bench of projects ranging from material handling to processing and inspection systems.

Engineering & System Design

Once equipment has been established, careful consideration must be given to how product flows between components and the equipment is positioned in the facility. Accessibility, travel distance for operators and forklifts, location of existing air, power, and steam drops, and other variables need to be considered. Just like other aspects of your process, there will be multiple factors specific to your application.


Having equipment installed by the group that designed it, or at least is familiar with it, adds tremendous efficiency. Not only is liaising between parties spared and the chance of misunderstanding reduced, but there is a “single point of responsibility”. When something doesn’t go as planned there is no finger-pointing between parties or argument of liability. It’s fixed quickly and quietly without the customer being brought into it.

Start-Up & Tuning

Some equipment is plug-and-play, but a lot isn’t. All too often new equipment gathers dust because operators were slow to learn it and management becomes convinced it wouldn’t be worth the down-time to force them. It’s important for technicians to help personnel learn new equipment, understand the value it brings, and become comfortable operating it. By doing this we can also ensure that the system works as intended and no errors were made.


From simple filler feedback based on temperature or fill level to complex sequences and automation, we’ve developed software for mom-and-pop shops, large processors, and OEMs alike. Our unique solutions keep equipment talking to each other, to operators, and to management via reports and remote PLCs.


As the old adage goes “if you don’t schedule maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you”. Mismanaged maintenance will certainly reduce equipments’ lifetime, but it will also cost a fortune in lost revenue from down-time. A well-maintained piece of material handling or packaging equipment can provide years, if not decades of reliable performance. The ABM team offers set-and-forget maintenance schedules, responsive service, and convenient parts ordering. We take pride in offering the best service in the industry, 24/7/365. If you call at 2 AM Christmas morning you won’t get someone in India, you’ll get someone very tired, but knowledgeable and ready to help.

Some industry Terms



Original Equipment Manufacturer. Because sales/service and manufacturing are very different specialties, many OEMs rely on distributors to handle that side of the business. Distributors are paid out of equipment margin instead of markup to avoid conflicts of interest.


Firms that sell and service equipment made by OEMs. Distributors differ from reps in the service aspect. (Reps sell equipment without fab or real integration capabilities.)


Equipment installers. Integrators are processing line contractors who connect pieces of equipment to others; they should be able to fabricate connections when needed but not all do.

Common Industries

Baby Food, Formula
Beverages (Other)
Building Materials
Cereal & Grains
Chemicals & Fertilizer
Food Base
Fruit & Vegetables
Nutraceuticals, Supplements
Personal Care
Pet Food
Red Meat
Spices, Syrups & Sauces
Warehousing & Distribution