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Cone Mills

Cone Mills use a spinning apparatus, selected for the application, which grinds product against a perforated screen. Screen sizes and rotor spacing can set to achieve price grinds with product between 5 mm and 250 μm. Cone mills are known for their versatility, able to grind fatty, moist, and inconsistent product effectively.
Sizes Available
Lab to large-scale industrial
Grind Sizes 5 mm – 250 μm
 Made In USA


  • Grinds material into a uniform size, ensuring consistent quality control
  • Versatile performance to mill and grind a wide variety of materials
  • Low-heat
  • High-efficiency
  • Low dust
  • Low noise
  • Variable speed drive
  • Multiple drive configurations



  • Top belt drive
  • Top direct drive
  • Under belt drive
  • Under gear box drive
  • Remote or thru-wall drives


  • Gravity
  • Inline Conveying – both vacuum and pressure
  • 10 Bar PSR


  • On mobile support frames
  • On masts and pillars for lift and swivel capabilities


  • Fully immersible grinding chambers & shaft seals
  • Additional CIP / SIP spray nozzle

Grinding Media

  • Turbine and screen
  • Pinned disk
  • Rib track
  • Explosion-Proof Configuration (Large Model Only)



  • Potato & oat flakes
  • Granulated to castor sugar
  • Dairy powders
  • Dextrose
  • Chocolate rework
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Spices & flavoring
  • Mix dispersion for liquids


  • Dry & wet granulation
  • Tablet rework and regrind


  • Detergents
  • Soap flakes
  • Color extension of dye powder
  • Deagglomeration

Mill guide by particle size

Operating principle