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From milling to distillation, ABM helps producers scale their processes with consistent, profitable systems. ABM builds, sources, and sells current best solutions with system design, integration, and 24/7 emergency service.

Equipment & Service

ABM Equipment builds, customizes, and services a select number of pieces used in extraction. In order to provide processors with the single point of contact our customers expect, we’ve teamed up with experts who focus solely on the design and integration of extraction systems. Together we offer complete systems from whole, wet plants through all sorts of final products including some edibles.

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Browse some of the individual pieces you will find in a complete system.

Hemp Falling Film Evaporators

The Nebula Series Solvent Recovery Falling Film Evaporator System Skid is designed for efficiency, control, and superlative product creation. Starting with our base model at 750L/hr throughput, the Nebula brings effective solvent recovery technology with batch distillation and the option for in line decarboxylation to facilities at industrial scales. Operators will successfully remove solvent to residual ppm levels with equipment designed for C1D1/2 compliance and integration into their GMP facilities. These systems are supported by automated integrations that minimize handling time and provide complete control over parameters.

Ice Hash Machines

Ice hash screeners are vibratory screeners (like the hemp bud sorters) with different configurations. First, the cannabis is mixed with ice-water in an agitated, jacketed tank, which causes the non-cannabinoid organics to swell and the trichomes to fall off, in-tact. The slurry is then fed into this screener – the first few levels remove the biomass, and the lower ones separate the water from the trichomes themselves. These trichomes are then gently pressed to remove excess water and set to dry, resulting in pure, solventless hash.
Our US-made machines have a number of advantages over alternate offerings including but not limited to operational efficiency, ease-of-use, and CIP configuration. But one of the most important distinguishing properties is the gap-free design which improves performance and cleanability. Fill out the form below to learn more or get a quote.

Rolled Film Evaporators

InCon’s rolled film evaporators are the industry standard for distillation. With a number of unique features and economies of scale by the manufacturer, it is also the lowest cost-per liter solution made in the US. With several vacuum and interface options—including full-auto—InCon’s rolled film distillation skids are the best solution for nearly any SOP. Rolled film evaporators use stainless rollers instead of their PFTE-wiper predecessors, significantly increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance.

Decanter Centrifuges

Hemp extractors are continuous flow centrifuges that spin at much higher speeds than basket (batch) centrifuges. This allows product to flow through at much higher rates, and because there are higher g-force enacted on the mass, more solvent is removed from biomass than with basket centrifuges. The precisely-calibrated centrifugal force also extracts the highest yield possible without crushing cellular walls—a problem encountered with screw presses. The Hempfuge KG product line is the leading cannabis-specific solution, washing up to 2,750 lbs. of dry biomass per hour, and featuring an infinite turn down ratio. It is made in the USA and is not similar to makes from overseas.

Dual Stage Falling Film Evaporators

Dual stage falling film evaporators apply higher heat to incoming slurry when it is protected by extra solvent, and lower heat to outgoing crude when it is more temperature-sensitive. By using different levels of heat at different stages, dual stage falling films are able to further increase throughput, improve efficiency, and better protect yields. And with heat from the first column being used to heat the second, the system is able to recapture heat more effectively. As with the single stage units, these custom dual stage falling films operate without chillers and are significantly less costly to operate than any competing offering. Two-stage falling films are available in a number of configurations and virtually any size. Reach out for more information or to obtain a quote.

Yellowstone Falling Film Evaporators

The Yellowstone falling film evaporators are the most efficient on the market and are sold and serviced from our facility with real 24/7 service. The Yellowstone unit provides numerous efficiency-boosting features including vapor heat recapture and inlet pre-warming, a super-high surface area disperser which does not need level ground, and chiller-less operation. Not only does the chiller-less condenser perform more efficiently at lower cost than the cold-plate method, but it allows the machine to be throttled much higher for low-concentration batches without being limited by the chiller.

40+ Years' Experience

ABM Equipment has been optimizing & integrating bulk biomass processing systems for over 40 years. ABM has implemented and researched bulk drying & handling solutions for producers and co-ops in the hemp space since legalization.