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Edible Manufacturing

From cooking to depositing and cooling, ABM integrates fully-automated edible lines that improve efficiency, reduce waste, and preserve potency. Specially designed for the cannabis industry by Baker Perkins, we’re proud to help bring the world’s leading starchless edible system to the United States.

•  Up to 25,000 pieces/hr

•  Continuous or batch

•  GMP & FDA approved

• Near-Zero Waste

• Center-Fills

• Multi-Color/Layer

•  Gummies

•  Hard Candies

•  Fudges

Industry-Best Machines

Designed by the world’s leading authority on starchless confectionaries, the Mini series was developed alongside cannabis producers for their unique requirements and volumes.

GMP-forward and FDA-approved, Baker Perkins’ equipment is easy to use, accurate, precise, and extremely reliable.

Supported with 24/7 service and a long history of system design and integration, our systems are built to move and grow with your process.

Continuous or Batch

Though continuous-flow systems are more efficient, many producers find it easier to satisfy the state’s traceability demands with batch systems.

Multiple Product Options

A single line can deliver a variety of offerings in multiple configurations: gummies, suckers, fondants and more in layers, swirls, center-fills and others.

Thorough Dispersion

A single line can deliver a variety of offerings in multiple configurations: gummies, suckers, fondants and more in layers, swirls, center-fills and others.

Uniform & Consistent

Highly precise & accurate depositing ensures a consistent product, extremely low waste, and a high-quality “mouthfeel”.

Process Automation

Pre-programmed recipes, HMI controls, and built-in protections against human error ensure consistent output at up to 25,000 pieces per hour.

Potency Protection

In a system already designed to minimize dwell time, maximum temperatures can be kept as low as 150° F, depending on the product.

Processing Equipment Financing

Comprehensive Support

Proprietary Recipes

All customers are provided with high-performing recipes that are known to work well with the equipment and be liked by consumers.

Feasibility Testing

Whether dialing a recipe or developing your own, Baker Perkins’ “Innovation Centre” allows customers to test new processes and methods for their line.

Sample production For Test Marketing

Work with or without technicians in the Baker Perkins’ lab to produce small batches to see how buyers and consumers will react to your test product.

Integrated Solutions

Start-to-finish system design and integration with 24/7 service.

Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers are available for manufacturers without their own solution already in place. Coolers help edibles set and be de-moulded more quickly, reducing the number of moulds and carts required. Note that just because a product can be de-moulded doesn’t mean that it’s set all the way. Some edibles may need to set up to 24 hours before packaging to prevent product from sticking together, an effect that can also be mitigated by putting the edibles though a coater where they are tumbled with sugar or oil.


Recently developed for the Mini line, the semi-manual de-moulders allow efficient de-moulding of product without over-spending for automation. Aside from reducing man-hours needed to de-mould by manually popping pieces out of the forms manually, de-moulders reduce the number of total moulds required by reducing staging time.

Custom-fit to the placement of cavities in your process’ silicon or metal moulds, the de-moulders use either dibbers or suction cups to remove the edible, depending on the material.

Mould Stackers

The mould stacker automatically receives production moulds coming off of the depositor, reducing the manpower needed and human error involved in the cooling process. The lift station receives and lifts empty carts into the starting position as depicted in the first image. As each rack is filled, the cart is lower one-by-one until it is full and can be wheeled to the cooler for setting.

Continuous Cookers

The Continuous Cooker is in the industry’s best solution for starchless edibles and consists of three parts: a mixing vessel which feeds into the cooker, the continuous cooker (can be purchased separately), and a single-stream feed system which meters in color, flavor, and acid as needed on the way to the depositor. Continuous cooking systems are ASME 8 rated, steam-heated, and controlled by independent HMI interfaces for each of the three components.

Batch Cookers

The Batch Cookers are the market-leading solution for weighing, mixing, and cooking pectin or gelatin syrups for volumes of up to 25,000 edibles per hour. GMP-forward and FDA-approved, the Jellycook is made to accommodate a wide variety of recipes and scenarios. Among other features, a variable, high-shear mixer ensures consistent dispersion, scrapers ensure even heating, and easy-access points allow ingredients to be added automatically or on-the-fly. All lines and bins after the cooking vessels are insulated so the cooking temperature can remain as low as possible.

Edible Slurry Cookers

The edible cookers we offer are GMP-forward and FDA approved, easy to clean, and designed to protect active ingredients. Coming from the food industry and optimized for cannabis, these Baker Perkins units are the world’s leading solution for starchless edibles. They can be used with many different types of products, including gummies, and bring a number of built-in efficiencies which significantly reduce costs in the long-run.

Edible Depositors

The Edible Depositor is a starchless depositor developed specifically for cannabis that brings precise, accurate, and automated dosing to the industry. Starchless depositing has many advantages over other forming methods. It creates edibles of uniform size, shape, and weight, with a glossy finish and no sharp edges or air bubbles; this produces a smooth, high quality “mouthfeel”. The process is ideal for any kind of edible including jellies, gums, hard candies, lollipops, toffees, fudges and fondants. The Edible Depositor efficiently adapts to these products simply by changing the mold. Two colors or flavors may be combined as stripes, layers, or center-fills with the added option of using a softer filling. With no starch involved, the process is extremely hygienic, which makes it ideal for low volume functional, medicated, and pharmaceutical products alike.

40+ Years' Experience

ABM Equipment has been optimizing & integrating bulk biomass processing systems for over 40 years. ABM has implemented and researched bulk drying & handling solutions for producers and co-ops in the hemp space since legalization.