Packaging line engineering

For food, pharma, nutra, pet-food, chemical, and aggregates

ABM Equipment provides complete engineering services for packaging systems of bottles, boxes, totes, bags, and super sacks. Specializing in bulk products in the food, pharma, nutra, chemical, and aggregate sectors, ABM engineers use their extensive knowlege of products like yours to deliver a high-performing system you can count on. Each design comes with equipment layouts that Operations Managers can click on and be taken to the appropriate manuals and parts lists. All equipment sold is supported, 24/7/365.


Packaging Line Design and Layout: Our expert engineers will work closely with your team to design a customized packaging line that maximizes productivity, minimizes downtime, and optimizes space utilization.

Integration of Packaging Machinery: We specialize in integrating various packaging machines and equipment, such as filling, sealing, capping, labeling, and wrapping machines, into a seamless and efficient production line.

Packaging Line Automation: Our automation solutions help streamline your packaging process, reduce manual labor, and improve accuracy, ensuring consistent and high-quality packaging results.

Packaging Line Optimization: We analyze your existing packaging line and identify opportunities for improvement, such as reducing bottlenecks, increasing throughput, and minimizing waste.

Packaging Line Upgrades and Retrofits: If you have existing packaging equipment, we can provide upgrades and retrofits to enhance performance, extend equipment lifespan, and comply with the latest industry standards.

Packaging Material Consulting: We assist in selecting the right packaging materials and designs to protect your products and enhance their shelf appeal.

Packaging Line Validation and Compliance: Our engineers ensure that your packaging line meets regulatory requirements and complies with industry standards, including FDA, cGMP, and ISO guidelines.

Why ABM?

    Industry Expertise: Our team of packaging line engineers has extensive experience in various industries, allowing us to understand your specific challenges and provide targeted solutions.

    Innovation and Efficiency: We stay up-to-date with the latest packaging technologies and trends, leveraging innovative tools to optimize your packaging processes.

    Customized Solutions: Our engineers recognize that each packaging line is unique. Our solutions are tailor-made to suit your products, industry, and production requirements.

    Collaborative Approach: We believe in working closely with our clients, understanding their needs, and incorporating their feedback to ensure seamless project execution and customer satisfaction.

    Quality and Reliability: Our dedication to delivering top-quality engineering services is reflected in every aspect of our work, ensuring reliable and long-lasting packaging solutions.

    Service: We support what we sell, 24/7/365