Product Tracer

DSO Sentinel consolidates product traceability information.

Product traceability is a growing requirement as software improves and the supply chain widens to include ingredients from more sources. Should an incident occur with a consumer, the product in question needs to be traceable to both your process, and that of your suppliers. This allows the responsible party to identify and correct any procedures that may have caused it. DSO Sentinel automates product traceability both up-stream and down-stream.


Up-stream product traceability

Processors can track their inputs either manually or automatically. In manual applications your personnel will input ingredient or lot changes for the system to track. In automatic applications (which we can design if none exist) a scanner or counter will log inputs automatically. Should there be an issue, you’ll then know which lots from which suppliers were involved in the problem-product’s lot.

But because there will be multiple input changes involved in each lot of your finished product, some processors require more detail.


Down-stream product traceability

 For more granular product tracking, you’re able to track each individual product, not just by lot. This this achieved by printing small unique identifiers on each product that goes into your x-ray machine. By attaching a reader to the x-ray’s input conveyor, we’re able to save the inspection image of every product and retrieve it by unique identifier. Aside from more granular input monitoring, this method allows you to defend against false consumer claims. Inspection images can show whether there was a contaminant in the product, even if the machine failed to reject it.


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