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Whole plant intake and storage to stalk removal and bagging of dried product, we can streamline any bulk material handling process. Browse the equipment or fill out the form below to learn about how we can scale your operations and reduce operating costs.

Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers, also known as super sack loaders, package product for sale or storage. Our Bulk Bag Fillers have numerous convenient features for longevity and ease-of-use, are backed with 24/7 emergency service, and are Legal-For-Trade without the high cost usually associated with the certification. They can package up to 3,000 lbs. of product, but a super-sack full of hemp will only weight about 500 lbs.

In hemp systems, bulk bag fillers are preceded by dryers and sifters to remove moisture and stalks/stems, which will mold product and rip bags respectively. They can be fed by a variety of conveyors or surge hoppers depending on the application.


Weighbelts are flat belt conveyors with weighbars beneath the belt to measure product flow. Knowing product weight and convey-rate, weigh-belts precisely meter product into the dryer by communicating with up-stream equipment and adjusting speed. Weigh-belts are critical between the shredder and the dryer because consistent feed-rates are critical for any continuous-flow hemp drying processes to prevent burning product or leaving wet spots. They can also be used in various parts of the process to provide a number of data points such as moisture weight-loss.

Hemp Shredders

Shredders slice hemp it into small, homogenized particle sizes in preparation for drying. Shredders are preferable over mills for wet product because mills crush instead of cut; crushing inflicts unnecessary damage, makes screens difficult to clean, and compacts the flower which further reduces drying efficiency.

Our high-throughput, super-sturdy hemp shredders come with variable controls to accommodate any drying method. They’re available in various sizes from 1–400 HP, with maximum throughputs ranging from 100–10,000 lbs./hr., and optionally available in stainless.
Most dryers will perform best with particle sizes between 3/4 and 1/4″, with the latter being ideal for ABM solutions. 1/4″ shred carries the added benefit of being suitable for extraction, allowing extractors to skip the mill. ABM provides turn-key integration and 24/7 emergency support for all components and systems in our wheelhouse.

Hemp Sifters

ABM’s Hemp Sifters remove stalks and stems from premium biomass with far greater speed & precision than human hands, buckers, or other mechanical options. They are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and extremely long-lasting.

Using flow-assists and screw feeders to control the flow of shredded cannabis into the separating chamber, it uses specially-shaped paddles to propel it against the surrounding sieve. This pushes the desirable fines out through the apertures while the over-sized stems are rejected.

Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are one of the oldest and most universally useful conveyance methods around. Though screw conveyors and augers are technically synonymous (any conveyance method driven by rotating threads,) the processing industry typically reserves the term “screw conveyor” for larger executions.

Screw conveyors are used for a huge array of products as long as they’re not too abrasive, fragile, stringy, or are solid and sticky. They’re highly popular in chemical, meat, agriculture (excluding produce), plastics, waste, and many other industries. Their simple & rugged design makes them cost-effective, versatile, and able to accommodate numerous inlets and outlets or act as a live bottom to a bin.

High-grade and polished surfaces can be used to reduce it, but friction is inherent in screw conveyor design. For this reason they’re not to be used with delicate or extremely abrasive materials, such as aggregates, which can eat through any metal over time.

Surge Hoppers

Hemp storage hoppers, or surge hoppers, stabilize product flow between sorting and bagging and allow processes to continue to run while bulk bags (super-sacks) are interchanged. These powder-coated or stainless hoppers can come in any shape or size required and come equipped with flow-aids to ensure smooth flow and prevent product from bridging.


Magnets are a cheap and effective way to catch metals that may have been introduced to the field or the harvested cannabis. By passing hemp across extremely strong magnets, metals that would otherwise damage the shredder and cause problems during drying or extraction are captured. Though magnets are typically placed immediately after the intake conveyors, they can be placed in numerous stages of the production line depending on the state of the product and the equipment involved. There are various simple and auto-clean types available, they are easy to install, and they last indefinitely.

Hemp Conveyors

As with all equipment that touches cannabis, even shredders, hemp conveyors must be as gentle as practicality allows. A certain level of destruction is necessary for any competitive process, but reducing this effect whenever possible throughout a line will increase yields and efficiency.

Trough belt conveyors are generally best for un-shredded and wet hemp because they’re easy to clean and fibrous stalks can bind in augers and screw conveyors. And because hemp biomass agglomerates and does not roll easily, belt conveyors can be inclined up to 30°.

When conveying dry, shredded product up slopes, screw conveyors are best for short runs and chain disks are best for long runs. Although chain disks’ capacity for hemp maxes out around 150 lbs. of dried flower per minute, they can run over 2,000 feet and around 24 turns from a single drive. They can also accommodate as many inlets and outlets as needed.
Although the narrow augers used for milled grain are often thought of as an alternative, we only recommend them under special circumstances because of the inherent friction involved.

40+ Years' Experience

ABM Equipment has been optimizing & integrating bulk biomass processing systems for over 40 years. ABM has implemented and researched bulk drying & handling solutions for producers and co-ops in the hemp space since legalization.