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Ideal for powders and other dry bulk solids, Kemutec mills are known for their flexibility and high performance in a broad range of categories. A daughter company of Schenck Process, Kemutec is trusted by thousands of processors and for products like yours.

Cone Mills

Cone Mills use a spinning apparatus, selected for the application, which grinds product against a perforated screen. Screen sizes and rotor spacing can set to achieve price grinds with product between 5 mm and 250 μm. Cone mills are known for their versatility, able to grind fatty, moist, and inconsistent product effectively.

Lump Breakers

These Lump Breakers from Kimutek can also be used to classify materials based on particle size by use of a built-in screen. All Lump Breakers can be customized on project-by-project bases to optimize their respective application. For example, they can also be equipped with cantilever grinder beaters for fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and food applications. They employ a number of thoughtful design elements such as non-drive-end access doors, which allow for easy-access to the screen for cleaning and exchanges.

Air Classifiers

These air Classifiers from Kemutec mill product as finely as 5 μm and eject it when the desired size is reached. A type of vertical mill, Air Classifiers create the finest grinds possible. They accept product via augers or blowers and rotary valves, and mill it through grinding media and force against the grinding chamber walls. Configuration of the classifier and the grinding media can be easily swapped to get the best results for your product.

Universal Mills

Universal Mills, also known as combination mills, use multiple methods and configurations of those methods to deliver the broadest range of capabilities possible. They use turbine blades for a course grinds, a pin-mill configuration for fine grinds, and are compatible with various grinding media to fine-tune results. Both turbine and pin configurations can be utilized when incoming product is very course and outgoing needs to be very fine. It also protects product by using a closed-loop design (to prevent exchange of inside and outside air) and can optionally use low temperatures or inert gases for special cases, detailed under options. It’s compatible with most processing lines via flexible inlet and outlet configurations. The hinged doors allow for easy maintenance and inspection and it can reduce particle size to 100 μm – 20μm.