Washdown Bulk Bag Unloader

BBUs Are Available in Custom Configurations

We think our standard, patent-pending BBU design is the best in the industry by a long-shot, and we offer several versions of it including low-profile, hoist & trolley, and others for unique restrictions and constrained budgets.

This stainless BBU was for a sake producer needing a washdown option that could directly fill free-moving bins and load bags without a forklift. Stainless steel is easily washable, and the hoist & trolley skirts the need for a forklift. The main concern was being able to fill these bins and replace bulk bags. To solve this problem we mounted an auger and drive onto a swiveling arm and discharge. This allows them to roll vessels underneath the range of the swivel arm and roll them away as needed. Having the arm on the side allows them to queue bulk bags without sacrificing operability.


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Stainless Bulk Bag Unloader

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