Used Weighbelt For Sale

Very lightly used Thayer MWF-OS weighbelt feeder with stainless frame and contact surfaces with 2B finish.

  • Originally specified for undried cut hemp at 20,000lbs/hr at 35lbs/ft3 bulk density.
  • Drive Motor: 460VAC/3 Phase/60 Hz; Instrumentation: 100-240VAC/1 Phase/50-60 Hz – (350W max).
  • 82 inches centerline of head pulley to centerline of tail pulley length.
  • 24 inch belt width.
  • Left- or Right-hand belt removal.
  • 304 stainless steel frame construction with mill (2B) finish.
  • 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces with mill (2B) finish.
  • 5-inch diameter “V” groove head pulley drum with FDA approved smooth Nitrile lagging.
  • 5-inch diameter “V” groove, self-cleaning, caged tail pulley.
  • Latch operated telescoping belt take-ups.
  • FDA approved stainless steel bearings.
  • Full length product containment skirts with fixed gap gradient.
  • 24 inch wide FDA approved 2-ply cotton/polyester endless belt rated tensile strength of 28 PIW complete with white Buna-N top cover, friction bottom and “V” groove guide. Belt rated for material temperatures from 20º F to 212º F.
  • Counter-weighted UHMW blade belt scraper.
  • Blade style weigh bridge with electronic load cell.
  • Weigh Bridge alignment tool.
  • Hollow shaft velocity encoder.
  • Tail pulley guards.
  • Calibration test weight with onboard storage.
  • 200 mm H x 150 mm W x 120 mm D Type-4 / IP66 polyester powder coated mild steel enclosed Universal Junction Box (UJB) factory mounted to weigh belt frame and pre-wired to load and speed transducers.
  • 5 HP flange  mount,  right  angle  SEW  Eurodrive  helical-worm gearmotor with 6:1 constant torque speed range.
  • Gear motor drip pan.


Model MWF-OS-24
Throughput Specified for 20,000 lbs./hr.
Power 460VAC/3 Phase/60 Hz; Instrumentation: 100-240VAC/1 Phase/50-60 Hz – (350W max)
Width 24″
Made In USA


  • When standing at inlet of weigh belt, watching material move away from you, drive can be installed on the left or right side of weigh belt frame.
  • Provides an accuracy of ±½% of totalized weight based on a minimum sample of one (1) minute or two circuits of the belt, whichever is greater or ±¼% to ±1.0% of set rate at 2 sigma based on 30 consecutive one (1) minute samples. Accuracy may vary depending on material flow characteristics.
  • THAYER Scale S52i Instrumentation System (Product Code IN-S52i) system complete with: 300 mm H x 250 mm W x 150 mm D Type-4 / IP66 painted mild steel enclosure with foot mounting kit and slotted screw enclosure latch.
  • Embedded PC (EPC).
  • Operator Interface (OI).
  • Mass sensing processor.
  • Velocity sensing processor.
  • Belt Integrator Application Software.
  • Native Ethernet/IP – Modbus/TCP (field wiring to RJ45) Device Level Interface.

Instrumentation Notes:

  • S52i provides rate measurement and totalization. Rate control, if required, by user’s PLC.
  • S52i must be mounted within 1,000 feet (total wire length) of belt scale.
  • S52i provides the following discrete inputs and outputs:
  • Analog Outputs: AO 1 (User Selectable)
  • Digital Inputs: Drive Status (Factory Set)
    • DI 1 (User Selectable)
    • DI 2 (User Selectable)
    • DI 3 (User Selectable)
  • Digital Outputs: Totalizer (Factory Set)
    • DO 1 (User Selectable)
    • DO 2 (User Selectable)
    • DO 3 (User Selectable)