Heavy Industrial Fabrication

For bulk food, pet-food, chemical, and aggregates

ABM Equipment provides fabrication services for industrial vessels and support structures that are too big to transport and need to be constructed on-site. We can fabricate your system as a standalone service or act as the General Contractor. Our engineers and fabrication supervisors can schedule, manage, and inspect the work of other firms you may enlist. ABM Equipment acts as a single point of responsiblity for producers across many industries.

Fabricator welding industrial support structure on-site

Common Solutions

Food Industry: Custom conveyor systems, stainless and carbon tanks, mezzanines and supports, and bulk packaging equipment.

Chemical Industry: Distillation columns, storage tanks, and mezzanines and supports, and other custom needs.

Nutraceutical Industry: Customized blending systems, drying equipment, and powder handling systems for the production of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

Pet Food Industry: Conveyors and bucket elevator systems, mixing and grinding apparatuses, sifters and screeners, mezzanines and supports, silos and storage vessels, and waste management systems.

Aggregate Industry: Heavy-duty conveyor systems, material handling equipment, screeners, mezzanines and supports, and other custom equipment as needed.


Tailored Solutions: Off-the-shelf equipment may not always fulfill the unique requirements of your industrial processes. We tailor equipment and system flows to fit your unique needs.

Sturdy and Reliable: We ensure that the equipment is constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, leading to a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

Compliant and Safe: Industries like pharmaceuticals and food require strict adherence to regulations. We ensure systems are fabricated according to industry standards and government requirements.