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Keg Urinal


Our Keg Urinals are a popular way to extend beer themes in bars, breweries, pubs, and man-caves. Being constructed exclusively from defunct kegs, our Keg Urinals’ environmental friendliness and price make them a no-brainer for any space that needs a urinal. The stainless construction gives a rugged look and its’ cool grey color is a nice accent for virtually any theme.


  • Simple Installation: Using simple wall-mounts, Keg Urinals spare you from having to caulk the sides of a standard unit.
  • Innovative Design: Each keg comes equipped with a 3/4” threaded fitting, compatible with manual, timer, or sensor flush valves, ensuring a versatile installation. The kegs feature a spray nozzle, urinal grate, and easy wall-mount brackets for hassle-free setup.
  • Powerful Flushing System: Our urinals include a Zurn ‎Z6003-YB-YC Aquaflush flush valve with a 0.75″ flange inlet, 11.5″ rough-in with 0.75″ top spud, and a 1″ sweat outlet. It’s brass with chrome finish, features a clog-resistant triple filter, and dispenses water at 3.5 GPM.
  • Safety and Compliance: Our urinals are designed with touch-safe edges, fully TIG welded, and compliant with ASME 112.19.3-2008 code for wall-mounted water closets and urinals.
  • Complete Kits: The kits include a keg urinal, stainless steel lower outlet drain, strainer, Flush Valve, screen, and mounting brackets and screws. The only piece not included is the P-trap, as this will vary based on your piping. The keg urinal’s downspout is standard 1.5″.
  • Shipping and Customization: Customized units have a lead time of roughly 4 weeks, and standard units are usually in-stock.
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