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Hemp Drying Podcast

Watch the talk we had with Christina Etter of Cannabis Tech about the hurdles of hemp and how to overcome them! Watch the video, stream the audio recording on your podcast platform, or read the description from Cannabis Tech's website below. "Kason, Marion Process...

ABM & Kason Announce 2-Stage Drying System

Kason Corporation and ABM Equipment have introduced a patent-pending 2-stage fluid bed dryer that can dry up to 3,500 pounds of cannabis per hour with minimal cannabinoid loss. Ideal for batch or continuous drying of cannabis biomass, the VIBRO-BED fluid bed dryer...

ABM Develops New Hemp Drying System

ABM Equipment has developed a new drying system in coordination with Kason and Marion Process Solutions that advances what is achievable in the industrial hemp sector. Engaging a full system approach and open dialogue with customers has helped them develop a cohesive...

Case Studies

CHTC Takes a New Approach To Drying Hemp

Our costs went down 80-90%, and our quality's going up. We really couldn't do it without ABM and Kason, because I think they intuitively understand what it means to dry any kind of organic product. It’s a win/win for us.   Billy Tosheff, Founder, Columbia Hemp...

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