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Dairy 3A Screeners

3-A sanitary vibratory screeners are the best option for removing impurities from milk, cream, cheese, and other dairy products because the vibration reduces pooling and allows more flow-through per square inch. Forced screening is not recommended...

Hollymatic Parts

As Hollymatic’s distributor, ABM handles parts ordering for the entire line of Hollymatic equipment including pattymakers, mixer/grinders, saws, vacuum packers, and ancillary equipment and accessories.
All parts are authentic and ship directly from Hollymatic’s warehouse, where all parts are kept in stock regardless of equipment popularity. Occasionally there is an unexpected run on a particular unit, creating an inventory gap, but these instances are not common.

We provide fast, responsive parts ordering and can generally ship next-day air if order is completed by 1 pm, PST/DT.

As with everything here at ABM, we service what we sell. For repairs or inspections, fill out the form below or give us a call. We are available 24/7 for emergency work stoppages and can often have a technician on-site within 24 hours depending on location and availability. For scheduled maintenance on your equipment, Hollymatic or otherwise, we also provide maintenance contracts to protect against future down-times.

Specialized X-Ray Machines

One-Size-Fits-All Machines Don't Exist. Even within single product classes like canned goods, the varying contents (juice to mixed nuts) will require different machine specs and/or programming. This makes mass-producing machines difficult, and customizations...

Harsh-Environment Floor Scale

Some Processes Involve Highly Corrosive Chemicals That Eat Through Metal - Even 304 Stainless. One of our customers makes maraschino cherries, which use such chemicals, and were going through one floor scale and pallet scale after another. No matter how careful they...

Multi-Lane Reject System

Physical Contaminants Mean Product Loss. When contaminants are found in a batch, this can lead to the loss of that batch and/or brand damage, depending when and how these contaminants were found. X-Ray and metal detection systems guard against this happening by...